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Our Wolf In Winter Story....a Small Business Success!

We Started Wolf In Winter at home here on Vancouver Island, BC after one of our many walks with our beloved Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Daisy. Daisy's image is actually our logo at Wolf In Winter! Daisy loved going for walks and we loved taking her, but it always seemed like a chore to get organized for a walk. Doggy bags, leash, toys, treats, whistle etc...know what I mean?:). What if we had a bag you can hang at the front door, or in the car, ready to go? I looked for an all-in-one Dog Walking Bag that would work for us, and everything I saw online was cheap, poorly made, looked funny when worn or a combination of all three! So we sat down at the dinner table one night and started designing our own. I wanted a bag that was good quality, great looking, super easy to get treats out of, and big enough to carry everything we needed to get outside fast with our Daisy. Room for a large cell phone and doggy waste bag dispenser...add a little bit of "spicy colour to the top" and voila! The Wolf In Winter Dog Bag was born! This bag has been such a hit with people that we've added more colours and more utility to the bag including a pocket divider and larger side mesh pockets that hold soda cans or water bottles. It even comes with super long shoulder straps and a super long belt, fit ALL sizes of us!  It's easy to wear as a fanny pack or cross shoulder over your back!

Since then, Wolf In Winter has been full steam ahead!

It's become an online best-seller! We've now added a few select products to our brand, all the while focusing on QUALITY, and customer service. We know how important our customers are and we work hard to make sure you're happy! We love that you support our small business and that you're keeping your money in our local economy. As we grow our little company we promise to always be responsive to our customers needs and we really hope you join our family at Wolf In Winter!

I Hope we see you out on a doggie walk sometime:)
Curt R.

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