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Adventure hikes, solo walks, hotel pet sitting, and more!

Enquire about monthly rates, we offer discounts and love working together long term.

Licensed by the Town of Sidney and Insured through ProFur, so you know we will take the best care of your pets, no matter what services you choose. We are pet owners, too, and take your pet's care, happiness, and safety seriously.

Prices below do not include GST

Dog walking services Victoria, BC - adventure walks

Adventure Hikes

Have your canine companion join us on an exciting excursion with other like-minded pack members.

A 1-1.5 hour, on and off-leash walk/hike suitable for active dogs. The pace is moderate and includes walking and playtime, which varies depending on location. We have exclusive private access to some fantastic outdoor wilderness terrain.

Currently, we offer one Adventure Hike from Sidney on weekdays, with varying pick-up and drop-off times as the routes and hiking spots change daily. Typically, pick-ups start at 10:30 am, and the hike begins around 11:00 am. We hike, run and play for an hour before returning, usually around 2:00 pm. These times are approximate and can vary depending on circumstances, such as weather.

If you provide a towel, we do our best to towel off your pup upon return!

One dog: $32
Two dogs from same family: $50

Solo Walks

Our solo/private walks are an approximately one-hour, on and off-leash stroll and playtime in North or Central Saanich. Easy-going, fun trek, and we practice already-known dog commands and basic obedience as part of this walk and explore.

Best for older pups or dogs that need more one-on-one attention and do better in a less active or rambunctious setting! With driving time, dogs are away for approximately 2 to three hours, depending on routing.

One dog: $32
Two dogs from same family: $50

Dog walking services Sidney, BC - solo walks
Group dog walks in Sidney, BC

Little Doggies Sidney Group Walk

Our newest Service! We offer an in-Sidney walk for our little pup friends who may be too small, too elderly, or just don't want to go for a big adventure walk in the forest!

A maximum of 6 dogs and based on the same criteria as our Adventure Hike, suitable dogs must not have a history of aggression, etc. This primary on-leash walk takes place right in Sidney, down by the ocean past the Pier Hotel or by Tulista park, or a walk with like-minded Doggies in one of Sidney's many local parks.

Super fun, playful, and gentle in nature, this walk will surely be the highlight of your pup's day! You may live in a condo, and your dog doesn't get out and socialize as much as you'd like, or maybe you need help making sure they get the play and exercise even little doggies deserve? This walk is for you! We promise to love them almost as much as you do.

We pick up and drop off and will make sure your precious little one is clean as possible when we bring her home.

One dog: $32
Two dogs from same family: $50

Hotel Pet Sitting

We are happy to offer Hotel Pet Sitting to visitors from the Sidney to Victoria areas. Perhaps you want to go out for a special evening or dinner and are unwilling or unable to leave your pet in your room while away. Butchart Gardens, Whale Watching, or perhaps you need short-term in-room care for your pet while you attend an important business meeting or medical appointment. We've got you covered!

One of our trusted sitters will come to your hotel room anywhere in Victoria, North, or Central Saanich, including Sidney and Brentwood Bay. Our sitter will keep your pet company while you're out enjoying everything South Vancouver Island has to offer; confident there is nothing to worry about with your beloved pet.

We offer a custom service that can include feeding, walks, and more. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Hotel pet sitting services Victoria, BC
Dog walking services in Victoria - drop in visits

Check-In Visits

We come to your home and check in on your animals for some playtime, a little walk, and potty break, or whatever else they need. Sometimes a little TLC during the day I just what they need! A typical visit is about 45 minutes.

Please get in touch with us to set up and discuss your specific needs.

$35 per visit

Vet Trips & Transportation

We are Sidney based and can provide custom pet transport to and from vet appointments, pet daycare, or other specific transport requirements.

Prices are based on specific needs, contact us and let's make it happen!

Pet transportation services in Victoria, BC
Cat care services in Victoria, BC

Cat Care

Yes, we love cats too! One of our trusted sitters will check in on your cat(s) or other pets, typically for 30-45 minutes, to take care of them, playtime, and make sure you don't have to worry about them in any way while you're not there.

Please contact us for specific requirements.

$35 per visit

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